From moving out of a dysfunctional home at the age of fourteen to becoming a widow at the age of twenty-three, very little about life has felt easy. I constantly struggled with the “why” of it all and how to walk through such trials gracefully and purposefully. 

When my husband and high school sweetheart was diagnosed with cancer at the age of twenty-three, everything about my perspective on life shifted. Through our very public battle with this disease, we felt a strong sense of purpose in making our lives about helping other people. Just two years later, Andrew unfortunately passed away at the age of twenty-five and I became a widow. I became a woman without a purpose. I became depressed, passionless, and left with a million questions and variations of “what now?”.

This is my “what now”. Though this life looks nothing like anything I ever had envisioned it to, I have learned to adapt and grow. I have learned to embrace my Option B. I’ve found a new sense of passion and purpose through leading others through pain and empowering them in their search for purpose and strength.  

From standing center court at Hinkle Fieldhouse to women’s conferences to doing a TED Talk broadcasted all over the world, I have spoken to thousands of people and come alongside them in their needs. I love to meet you where you’re at in life and shed a little hope and grace and a whole lot of empowerment and encouragement to your story. I love to share how my journey has taught, and continues to, teach me some of the most difficult but valuable life lessons. 

I’ve always maintained that if my journey can impact even just one person and make their lives a little easier and more hopeful, every hardship I’ve walked through would be worth it. If I can help you see life through a different lens and a more positive perspective, I know you’ll find growth and a new outlook on walking through life gracefully and purposefully.